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We offer both removable and permanent coatings to fit your needs. These coatings come in 4 different finishes:
-Matte -Satin -Semi Gloss -Ultra High Gloss

We offer a ton of different brands, all unique in their own way:
-Halo EFX Coatings, Vinyl Films and Automotive Paint
*We no longer offer Plasti Dip unless requested. We install a much more durable coating for our customers*

Halo EFX is our Premium Wrap Coating
Halo comes in a Matte (Flat), Satin or Gloss finish. Halo has a lifespan of 3+ years in a Matte finish and over 5+ years in a Gloss finish. Halo is a great choice for those who want a long lasting and extremely durable finish on the full body of their vehicle. 100% Safe & Removable.

We use Vinyl Films for Headlight & Taillight Tinting and custom decals or designs.
We use 3M & Oracle Films rated at 5+ years.

Automotive Paint
Automotive Paint is our Permanent Option. We can do small accents and wheels as well as paint correction services like dings, rock chips and repair. We repaint body panels such as hoods, fenders and bumpers and accept all insurance companies.

Halo True Gloss vs. Vinyl Films – PROS and CONS:
Our Gloss Coating (Halo True Gloss) is the top of the line Paint Protection Coating to date.
Our High Gloss coatings can be cut, buffed, wet sanded, polished, and waxed. Vinyl can not. You care for our Gloss wraps just like you would your factory paint.
Our Gloss Coatings have no known expiration, whereas vinyl films expire between 2-5 years.
Vinyl is a film that must be heated, stretched and tucked leaving unsightly seams along the edges of your vehicle.
Our High Gloss Coating is sprayed on, thus giving us the ability to reach around tight corners and edges seamlessly. No razors are applied to your paint.
Vinyl is held on by glue and adhesive. Over time, this etches into your clear coat and can cause your paint to lift in the future. Our High Gloss coating has NO glue or adhesive.
Removing a vinyl wrap is very difficult. Our coating is easier and safer to remove in the future.
Our High Gloss “Peelable Paint” mimics a high end paint job down to the feel and touch, and has the same gloss rating and depth as OEM paint! Vinyl Films are not able to achieve a high-end gloss finish and lack tons of shine and depth. Come compare them side by side in our shop office!

What is a Liquid Wrap?
A Liquid Wrap is the Future of Affordable Paint Protection and Customization.
It is sprayed on in a similar method as automotive paint, but peels off by hand similar to a vinyl wrap. 3M Bras and Vinyl Wraps leave behind adhesives, our product does not! We do not sand down a vehicle prior to a wrap installation. A Liquid Wrap is 100% safe and removable when you are ready. It keeps your clear coat underneath safe and protected from every day elements such as road debris, fading, rock chips and more!

Why the name – Liquid Wrap?
Our product comes in a “liquid” form, and is sprayed on to coat and “wrap” over your vehicle. Thus the term “liquid wrap”.
There are many brands of a Liquid Wrap: Halo, Auto Flex and Plasti Dip. Not to be confused with Vinyl, as vinyl is a film, and not a Liquid.

Why Addiption?
Great question! What makes us stand out? We have been in business for over 6 years in the Tampa Bay area, servicing over 600+ vehicles each year alone. We are the only shop in a 200 mile radius that does this full time. We work out of a commercial shop (not a home garage). Inside of our shop you will see our office/showroom with tons of examples of our products and tons of color samples. All work is completed in a paint booth giving us professional high quality clean & smooth results. Over-spray is no joke! Who wants a textured wrap? That’s a no-no. 

We are also fully licensed, bonded and insured for your comfort. Our premises is under full security and camera surveillance at all times. 

How long will it take for a full vehicle wrap to be completed?
Our Flat & Satin wraps take 3 days to complete. Full Gloss wraps take an average of 7 days.
This ensures proper installation and curing time before you leave the premises. If weather does not permit- (high levels of humidity, excessive rain, or freezing temperatures) we may ask to hold your vehicle an extra day to avoid any issues with curing. Vehicles can not be picked up if they have not had a minimum of 4 hours in direct sunlight after installation. (This does not apply to accent work)

How long will it take for a set of rims and some accent pieces to be completed?
Matte and Satin Rims take up to four hours to complete, and smaller areas such as a grill can take up to an hour. We have an office you can comfortably wait in while smaller jobs are being completed. High Gloss Coatings must be left overnight as they have a cure/dry time of 8 hours.

Does it really peel off?
Yes, it really does peel off. We always apply a minimum of 7-10 thick coats, not only for durability, but to ensure it peels off in large pieces when you are ready.

How long do Liquid Wraps, Vinyl Wraps, and High Gloss Coatings last?
All Vinyl work is done using 3M, and is rated for up to 5 years. A liquid wrap has no expiration, but around the 2-3 year mark it may not look as fresh and you may desire to remove it or have a different color installed. Our High Gloss Removable Paint has no known expiration.

What is the Prep Process for Accent Work & Full Vehicle Coatings?
Prep work is the MOST important part of the process. For Full Vehicles we safely remove all trim, emblems, and rubber seals to give you a clean wrap with no adhesion issues. We mask off all parts of the vehicle that are not getting coated to avoid over-spray.
We ask that you wash the vehicle prior to your appointment with a dish detergent or de-greaser to rid it of all wax, oil, grease, and tire shine. All of which will effect the way a Liquid Wrap adheres.

What is your Warranty?
We stand behind our work 100%. You are covered against product and installation error (bubbles and peels along an edge) for 60 days. Rest assured, we have never had a customer come back with a warranty issue after the product has cured. If this is the case, we will take care of you. We strive to make our customers happy. Any damage caused by improper care, accidents or vandalism are not covered under warranty.

Could the Liquid Wrap damage my clear coat?
Liquid Wraps have been sprayed on thousands of vehicles and removed with no damage to the clear coat at all. However, our manufacturer has stated if you have paint that is already chipping, in bad condition, or an aftermarket paint job that has been improperly applied it may peel off in areas when removing our coatings. Our shop has personally never had any issues of the sort.

What is the texture/feel of a Liquid Wrap?
If installed professionally, you will get an extremely flat and smooth finish. If done at home or a shop that is not skilled and does not spray in a paint booth, you will end up with rough and splotchy texture from inexperience or improper filtration. Our work is smooth and texture-free.

How do I care for my Liquid Wrap?
Liquid Wrapped items can be easily hand washed with regular car wash soap. Please use a soft sponge and microfiber as brushes and bristles may effect the finish of your wrap. Dry the vehicle with a clean Shammy. Many customers have taken their wrapped car through a car wash, but since all car washes can be set up differently, we only recommend hand washing. Do not rub or scratch at your wrap. Soak stains and bugs with “Purple Power” and rinse off.
To keep a rich clean wrap, we recommend applying a spray-on-wax after drying such as “Turtle Wax Ice” or DipCoat. We carry these items in stock in our office for purchase. Always ask us before applying a cleaning product on your wrap. Avoid tire shines (unless water-based).
Our High Gloss Coatings can be cleaned the same way you would a factory paint job. Avoid using a pressure washer to blast at the wrap.

Do you use cans or a paint gun to apply your coatings?
We use a Sata 5000 rp spray gun with a compressor to leave a smooth streak free finish on the body. Some smaller items may require a detail gun for tight angles and edges. We do NOT use cans.

More about Liquid Wraps
A Liquid Wrap is a liquid coating that comes in a wide variety of colors and can be applied to virtually any surface. This is a great alternative to painting because it is durable, inexpensive, and best off all it can be taken off with no damage to the original paint. It gives you the opportunity to alter the color of your vehicle while maintaining the factory or original paint surface. It protects your vehicle from fading, rock chips, bug damage, and road debris. It remains durable over time and will not wear in extreme weather conditions. It’s 100% safe and removable!

Keep in mind:
There are many people who try this at home with cans they purchase from their local hardware shops, and unfortunately the end result is very poor. We fix countless jobs each year.
A paint booth with extreme filtration is 100% recommended, and we have one! This is the reason why our work comes out as clean as it does, that and many years of experience. We guarantee you will not find a finish like ours in Central Florida!
Licensed and Insured, we guarantee our work from top to bottom, and our outstanding customer service is nothing but the best! Let us take care of you, and make your Ride truly yours! “Don’t Ride Stock!”